CLIENT: Skistar
YEAR: 2014

Art Direction for the new brand and sport, Everest Challenge. The sport simulates how it feels to climb Mount Everest. First to the top wins.

YEAR: 2014

Art Direction for the “Swedish Brand Award”. Statuette designed by Jonas Wåglund. Video made by Per Malmqvist.

CLIENT: youngteam
YEAR: 2014

Art Direction for the video It´s getting dark.

CLIENT: Västermalmsgallerian
YEAR: 2014

Art Direction for the magazine c/o Kungsholmen. The magazine is a celebration to Kungsholmen. We talk to interesting neighbors and gives shopping tips.  

Nominated to Swedish Design Award 2014.

art direction case

CLIENT: Lundgrens Snus
YEAR: 2014

Creative Direction for Lundgrens Snus. During summer Lundgrens Snus attend to different festivals and meet up with customers. The environment is a place to hang out and to participate in different activities. This summer Lundgrens Snus went to Sweden Rock, Smaka på Stockholm and Big Slap Malmö. 

Creative Direction case

CLIENT: 3M™ Speedglas™
YEAR: 2013

Creative Direction for the campaign “Master of Welding”. The campaign wants the welding community to come together online and share their experiences and learn more about new safety equipment from Speedglas™.

Creative Direction art direction case

CLIENT: 3M™ Speedglas™
YEAR: 2012

Package design for the new welding helmet 10V. Easy to demo and easy to stack in-store.

YEAR: 2012

Art Direction for recruitment ads. “Glammigaste sommarjobbet”.

CLIENT: Volvo Construction Equipment
YEAR: 2011

Commercial/Information movie about customer support products from Volvo.

CLIENT: Lovefilm
YEAR: 2010
Art Direction for the Campaign “Finally a promise you can keep” for Lovefilm in Sweden, Norway and Denmark. Stop buying your video games, rent them from Lovefilm.

CLIENT: Kulturhuset
YEAR: 2012

Art Direction for the new Kulturhuset magazine. 
In collaboration with Mikael Bakke (Sensei of final art & graphic design.)

(Images only used for sketches.)

case art direction redesign

CLIENT: Kulturhuset
YEAR: 2012

Art Direction for the upcoming exhibition “Tipping Point” at Kulturhuset Stockholm.

Photo: Romain Laurent

case art direction